A Quick Start Guide to Animation in Adult Learning

by | Aug 4, 2021 | Animation, Pivto | 0 comments

Actions speak louder than words, so there is no better way to convey complex ideas than animation. Instructional designers often overlook the power of animation when designing content for adult learners.

Video allows for a greater level of versatility than either standard video or still images. Video animation allows for the clarification of complex concepts in a short amount of time. Animation also is a dynamic and active medium that helps learners stay engaged even with the typical distractions of the modern world. Educational animations should be used generously in eLearning.

3 Reasons to Use Animation with Adult Learners

Some organizations may dismiss the benefits of using animation to teach adults. They are passing up an essential tool. What are the benefits?

  1.  Reserve Brain Power– Animated content allows the learner to focus more of their brainpower on understanding the material. Concepts with moving parts can be demonstrated, so the viewer doesn’t have to bridge the gap mentally.
  2.  Visualization of Material – Visualization can lead to better understanding. Animation allows instructors to show rather than tell.
  3.  Improved Retention – Studies have shown that animation helps students retain information. Better knowledge retention means a more effective training program that can save businesses money.

 4 Tips for Using Animation in Your Training Program

If you plan to add animation to your training toolbox, then there are a few things you should know to get the most out of this educational resource:

·       Focus on one topic or idea at a time.

·       Support animation with rich audio

·       Keep animations short and to the point. Small segments are easier to digest.

·       Create a rich story with attention-grabbing visuals.

Animation has a fantastic ability to communicate complex ideas with clarity. It allows for instructional designers to work with their imagination rather than the constraints of the physical world. Animation is also great for training because it can be broken down into “bite-sized” microlearning.

Some great tools available for beginners to create incredible templated animation include:

Looking for a little more help or custom animation? Pivto Digital Learning can help you produce custom animation for a lot less time and money than you might expect.